Storing elements of the movable wall LS100

Elements of movable walls LS100 can be very easily moved. Their movements must follow a special steel ceiling guide track. With movable walls a basic room can be transformed into a room or several rooms according to the current wishes and demands of the clients. The rooms are given new shapes and completely changed appearance of the surfaces in accordance with the purpose for which you intend to use them. Partition wall LS100 is technologically and technically perfected, extremely useful, easy to install, move and store.

You can move separate elements with one or two wheels in ceiling guides, depending on the number of wheels and the path to the storage room, where you can keep certain number of elements for later use or for new room transformations. We also provide deliveries of our elements to the construction site. In this way we can provide accurate high-quality manufacturing.

The following sketches show a wide choice of possibilities for use and storage of the movable partition wall’s elements. One of the storing possibilities of separate elements is shown. The exact manner of storage and number of elements in storage can be determined for each project separately, with the project leader or the client.



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