Elements of movable wall LS100 and their types


We offer a complete program of partition walls with possibilities of using various elements.


Basic, standard element. The whole surface is processed with the same material. Possibilities of special decorative battens or other additions. The external surface of the element is adjusted to your choice of materials.

Telescopic element

Final sealing element. Seals the movable wall vertically as a simple ending of a movable wall. Has a connection to the central turning sealing mechanism, with which the complete wall fixture is sealed.

Doors for passage

The door element is of the same height as the normal element it replaces, also of the same width. The width of the door can be adjusted to your choice. It is to be fixed to the left or right fixed wall. It has all the technical properties of a normal element (isolation).

Element with filling

Offers a special shape for a hall, lecture hall or room for banquets, as the walls are more appealing. Movable wall with special design and of refined taste makes the room less monotone. Basic dimensions stay the same. Filling can be of any material of your choice: mirrors, sandblasted glass, with pattern or without, exotic wood etc. The dimensions of the filling element are restricted by the mechanism.

Door in the element

Doors, built into a normal element. The doors can be a separate set or a supplement to a pre-existing set of doors. The width of the door is limited by the width of the normal element. The doors can open to the left or to the right. A normal element with built-in door has all the same properties as before (for example soundproofing).

Double doors for passage

Intended to enhance the possibilities of passing through, especially appropriate for bigger halls or rooms for banquet with movable walls. The width of a door wing is limited by the width of the normal element. Normal elements with double doors for passing have all the same properties as before (for example soundproofing).


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